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A Call to a Life of Prayer
  • A Call to a Life of Prayer
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A Call to a Life of Prayer - Antonio Baldovinos

Now more than ever, we need to be living lives of prayer. There is a call going forth from the heart of the Lord to cry out for the justice of God, making the wrong things right. Antonio shows us how prayer is the key to unlock the secrets of Heaven! Why? Because prayer is an encounter with the living God to release His heart on this earth. What stops us at times form coming to this place of prayer? We do not see God as He truly is. We think He is distant or that His promises might be for someone else, but not is. But Antonio reminds us of the reality is that we are talking to a real God on a real throne in a real place (Heaven)! We needs to see God rightly as a just and merciful God who loves His people and wants to move. Antonio calls us to the place of faith to believe that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do. This is the place where our prayers will get answered. It is a call to partnering with God to see His Kingdom come and His will be done! 


Developing a Prayer Life - Christelle Baldovinos

Have you ever tried to have a regular prayer life, only to find that you have many false starts but can’t seem to actually run with it? Prayer can feel hard at times, yet it is our primary way of living in relationship with the Lord. Christelle teaches that the key to sustaining a prayer life is to make it enjoyable. It was never meant to be a place of drudgery or duty. Prayer is the place to drink and eat of God and sit in His Presence. It is the place to encounter Him and get to know His heart. A consistent prayer life is essential as it is how we interact with God! It causes us to become alive. Prayer is the place where we get the strength and grace to walk through this life. Christelle shares practical tips for strengthening your prayer life to a place of consistency. From scheduling and lists to pray-reading the Word and meditating on God, you will learn very real and simple ways to speak with the Lord. You will walk away from this teaching feeling equipped and ready to continue in a lifestyle of enjoyable, unceasing prayer!



*Recorded at Pursuit Internship 2014